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First time with a cleaning service? Heres some information.

Q: Do I have to be at home while you clean?
A: We do not require you to be home. Many people feel uncomfortable being in their house while people are cleaning. You can be there to let us in, then leave, or you can leave a door open, a key hidden, or a door or garage code and not even have to meet the team.


Q: May I be home while you clean?
A: Of course you can be home if you prefer! We will work around you, your kids, and your pets. We love meeting our clients, it is YOUR house, and we would never want you to feel uncomfortable in your own home. We do ask that you give us the space required for us to do our job efficiently. 

Q: I'm worried about my dog/cat/goldfish. Is cleaning safe for them?
A: Most of us have pets — The owner of the previous company I worked for insisted on eco-friendly products only, due to her pet rabbit dying because of a toxic chemical that was in her house. We are kind, compassionate animal lovers. However, for safety precautions, we simply ask that dogs are contained in a crate or room while we are cleaning if they are nervous or anxious.

Q: Should I be worried that the cleaners will go through my things?
A: NEVER. We are professional, discreet, and we sign confidentiality agreements with all our clients before we start their home. Plus we are trustworthy, super nice people!


Q: Should I be worried they'll steal?
A: The classic fear is not without justification. The only way to prevent theft is to hire great people with clean background checks. But not to worry. Cleaning Naturally is insured and bonded to further ensure your peace of mind.


Q: What happens if the cleaners break something?
A: Accidents CAN happen. We have insurance and are happy to replace or repair anything that may be damaged during cleaning.


Q: What if they do a bad job and I have to complain (and I HATE complaining)?
A: We back up our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy, we aren't happy. You don't have to prove it or make a case. Simply not being thrilled by your cleaning is all we need to hear and will gladly make things right.


Q: Do I need to clean before the crew comes?
A: Don't tidy before we come if you don't want to or don't have time. Yes, it will take a bit longer if we have to pick up toys or move a lot of stuff around to clean under, but we don't mind.

Q: Do I need to worry about telling them what to do?
A: We have a cleaning routine and a Cleaning Naturally checklist and will clean for everyone based on their extensive experience and ability to think critically and use their best judgment.


Q: May I tell them exactly what to do?
A: This is also totally fine. You can communicate what you need to us during your free consultation, in your client profile, by leaving us a note, or you can print out our checklist and cross off items and add your own.


Q: Should I be worried that the cleaners will think I'm dirty or talking about my messy house?
A: Just because we are professional cleaners doesn't mean we are morally superior. We care about you and know you are busy and that's why you've hired us. Please relax and know we are not judging anyone; we are normal people, too — far from perfect!

Q: Can I hire you for a certain amount of money or time ?

A: While some cleaning services might do this, at Cleaning Naturally, we don't. Our goal is to ensure your entire home is cleaned, from top to bottom, on your first visit. This not only prepares your house for much more inexpensive maintenance appointments, but ensures we are both thrilled with the cleaning. If we only did part of the job, you'd come home and still have cleaning to do, and who wants THAT?! So rest assured you can trust our expertise as professional cleaners and know that our quotes ensure you will get the very best cleaning you've ever had. Those are our standards, and they are yours too.

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